Vision Videos

Lead Pastors Paul and Andi Andrew moved from Sydney, Australia, in 2010 to plant Liberty Church in New York City, with a God-inspired dream to establish a Community, a Catalyst, and a Cause, influencing a city that influences the world. They first gathered for Bible study around a Central Park picnic bench with their three kids and just a few new friends.

On an icy Sunday in January 2011, they began weekly services in Tribeca (now Liberty Church Dowtown) and launched a second community in Union Square the same year. The Brooklyn Community launched in January 2014, and two years later, on January 31, 2016, we welcomed Liberty Church Upper West Side into the family. 2017 was a huge year of growth for Liberty Church as we launched two new communities, Liberty Church St. Pete and our first international community, Liberty Church Manzini. 2018 is set to be another amazing year as we welcomed Liberty Church SF in January and are set to be planting Liberty Church Bay Ridge in February.



Here you will find videos documenting our story and journey
through our yearly Vision Video.