Community Groups

At Liberty Church, our mission is to follow Jesus, thrive in community and make a difference.


The key way in which we help others thrive in community is through Community Groups. If you are considering leading a Community Group, then you’ve probably been part of one and know that these are the source for incredible discussions, friendships and a sense of home. You can pay it forward and help others find community in your group.


This season, you can select your own group topic, whether a bible or book study, a Visionaries business-oriented group, a marriage and relationships group, or even a dinner party. You don’t have to be an expert. You just need to have a desire to see people find home at Liberty – like you did.


If you’ve led two or more Community Groups at Liberty, we encourage you to invite a newer person to be an apprentice leader with you. This may be someone who was in your last group who you think has potential to lead a group on their own. Make this season a transition season for them, so they are fully prepared to lead a group on their own the following season. Let’s grow new leaders so that we can grow our capacity to build community for others!


Finally, if you want to lead a group, but don’t know quite what the topic should be, we have an easy, two-step process.  First, pray about it and ask God to give you guidance and wisdom.  Second, think about what you want to learn or do or become. Then build a group topic around that and share it with others. If you’re still stumped, talk to your Community Pastor or the Community Group Coach in your community and they can help.


Community Group leader applications open Sunday, August 11th and end Sunday, August 25th.


This season of community groups begins Monday, September 30th and ends Sunday, December 1st.






If you have any questions, would like to lead a Community Group or join one please contact