Legacy Offering 2022

Exceedingly Abundantly Above

Since we began Liberty Church we’ve brought a special offering together at the end of each year, for missions and church planting that we call the Legacy Offering and it’s long been one of the highlights of the year. This year our theme is Exceedingly Abundantly Above from Ephesians 3:20, 21 which says

“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.”

It’s a great promise for us and it’s also a great challenge to believe for more as His power works through us to bring Him glory and advance the Kingdom through his church.

The Legacy Offering is our opportunity to make a difference together financially as we

Establish Roots
Equip Leaders
Empower the Local Church
Extend the Mission

Let's Make a Difference Together

How to Give

To give to the Legacy Offering, go to our online giving page, choose your community, and select "Legacy Offering" from the dropdown menu. If you are not currently part of a Liberty Church community you can also choose the "Give as a Guest" option.


One of our four focuses this year is to Establish Roots through your partnership. Even before we launched a Liberty Church community in Manzini, Southern Africa, we pioneered a community center that has been meeting needs and serving the city all week long. Under the incredible leadership of Lue & Zinty, both the church and the community center have flourished. In 2020 we came together as a church and helped them purchase the land and building which they’d been renting with a plan to pay it off over four years.

Ownership will remove the burden of rent from our church community in eSwatini and make it possible for them to become fully self-sustaining through their local giving which has been our goal since the beginning. In fact the land and building are almost 70% paid off. So let’s stand with our Manzini team as they Establish Roots in the land for generations to come.

Equip Leaders

Secondly, we are going to Equip Leaders through this year’s Legacy Offering. At the beginning of this year Paul & Andi Andrew transitioned from Lead Pastors to Founders in large part so that Paul could care for leaders full-time. Since 2019 he has been hosting retreats and pouring into leaders who spend their lives pouring into everyone else and the results have been extraordinary. With your help they formed Barnabas Network and in their first year alone they hosted 12 retreats and served over 180 leaders. We believe that everyone needs community, especially leaders and the cost of not caring for leaders is greater than the cost of caring for them. Recent Barna Group research says that 42% of pastors are seriously considering quitting right now, and the strain on senior business and non-profit leaders is clear too. In Acts 4 it says one of the founders of the early church was known as “Barnabas” which means son of encouragement. So we’re helping Paul’s team build a community to encourage leaders and see them finish the race that God has called them to. To see more leaders live well and finish strong. As John Maxwell says, everything rises or falls on leadership, and we believe investing in the well-being of leaders is one of the wisest investments we can make.


We’ve also focused their year on investing to Empower the Local Church. We’ve always been passionate about church planting and in the last twelve or so years we’ve supported well over 100 church plants as well as launching multiple Liberty communities. This year your generosity towards missions enabled us to give towards the launch of brand-new local churches in New Jersey, upstate New York, Germany, Italy, and the Congo. In addition to sending finance, Paul was able to provide personal coaching for the church planters for between one to years on average. One of the most inspiring stories has been to watch our Liberty community in Washington Heights grow and multiply even in the midst of the challenges arising from the pandemic these past few years…

Looking toward 2023 we’re already coaching and supporting new church plants in Boston in the US, in Romania and the French-speaking Church we helped plant in Kinshasa, the Congo, this year is already needing to multiply to a second location next year with more than 450 people now attending on a Sunday. We’ve always been a church planting church.


One of our focuses this year is to Extend the Mission with the help of your generosity.

We’ve always had a passion as a church to have an impact both locally and globally. For well over than a decade now we have been building long-term strategic partnerships with organizations that we love and trust and who do incredible work in different parts of the world. We’ve also had the privilege of seeing a number of members of our local Liberty communities answer the call to be a missionary to another nation and in several cases, we continue to partner with them to this day.


The Struplers, Stephanie and ICF are impacting Siem Reap and beyond with health, water and education programs, job creation, and one of the most dynamic young churches we’ve ever seen


The brothers Biju & Binu Thampy and their families have established incredible ministries among the poorest of the poor in Mumbai and Kolkata respectively


Mushtaq and the Generation Church team are empowering women, serving the poor in the aftermath of the flood and establised ARC Pakistan to plant churches across the region

South Africa

Where the Van Brommels and the Reaching A Generation staff are helping to break the cycle of poverty, giving skills training and eduction to young women in Zambia, and providing leadership training to the next generation


Where Lue & Zinty and the team are continuing to develop our Liberty Community Centre along with dozens of other partners and service providers to serve the needs of their city seven days a week


Gethin & Bex who were based in southern Africa for many years are now pioneering new ministry to children with disabilities and their caregivers from their home bases in Wales.

South America

Where the Haciendo Iglesia team are serving and revitalizing local churches across the spanish-speaking world


Miranda & Adalberto have served primarily with refugees and victims of sex trafficking in Paris. Living in community with new believers from a muslim background. Now they’re relocating to Romania in the new year to equip other missionaries to go and reach the lost and extend their anti-human trafficking efforts there in partnership with Youth For Christ.

Crisis Response Fund

Lastly, we continue to put funds aside for crises around the world so that we are always in a position to respond generously when needs arise, often through local partners or our global partner Convoy Of Hope.

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