Liberty Church was born in New York City with a heart for cities everywhere, and a vision to know Christ and make Him known. Every December we bring an offering together to plant churches, fund missions and helping the hurting. This year we are calling it the Legacy Offering, which so well describes what we are trying to do–to establish a legacy for the generations to come. This year’s Legacy Offering is focused on Global Missions, Church Planting and Building Home as we believe to impact cities and the generations





The Apostle Paul encouraged Timothy to teach those he led to live generously. He said,

Please take a moment to read more about the cities we desire to serve together this year and prayerfully consider your part to play. There is so much to be done, but we’ve never been better placed to Make A Difference, and to leave a legacy for the generations.


Paul & Andi Andrew
Lead Pastors of Liberty Church


It’s never been more achievable than it is today for a local church to make a difference globally. Our strategic partnerships with a few long-established organizations, each with decades of ministry experience and expertise on the mission field, are enabling us to leverage our resources for an impact many times greater than we could have alone, in cities around the world.


Manzini, Swaziland

In 2016 we opened a full-time community center in the heart of the city. Six days a week the center is a hub of activity with over 16 local organizations now using the space to meet a range of needs from skills training to youth programs, health services to marriage & family events, arts programs and more. Your giving will help us develop an internship for emerging leaders, support our full-time missionaries, Gethin & Bex, and perhaps even buy a permanent facility in the coming year.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Our partnership with Children’s Cup has seen the continued development of the Care Point we sponsor, as well as two new Care Points being opened recently in needy neighborhoods of the city. Each location provides not only necessities like food, water and medical care but also the life skills needed to thrive including education, economic empowerment and an opportunity to learn about Christ. Recently, the opportunity has arisen to purchase land for a modest sum adjacent to what they currently rent, which would see the expansion of the Care Point we’re already supporting, and help secure their future as they serve the hurting in their city.


Kolkata, India

After several years of partnership with Vision Rescue, this year we are helping them put a stake in the ground by establishing their first Freedom Center in Kolkata. After a successful pilot program they’re ready to complete a prototype centre that will be replicated in cities across the nation. With programs including computer classes, spoken English, and career training they’re creating jobs and financial freedom for the poorest of the poor, right in the heart of the slums. These Freedom Centers will be pioneered by church planters who will establish sustainable local churches, with the church and the freedom center supporting each other after one year of start up funding.


Siem Reap, Cambodia

ICF have pioneered a breathtaking community work and local church serving poor families in and around the city. Their mobile teams are providing essential services to 160 families in 8 nearby villages. Meanwhile over 700 children and teenagers are transported to the central community center every week for English classes, sports programs, and church services. Currently, they rent 9 trucks every weekend, so we’re helping them buy the first truck of their own which will enable them to offer new programs and keep the center operating throughout the week without additional costs.

Response to Crisis Fund

The Legacy Offering will also help us replenish our Response To Crisis Fund after a year in which we responded generously to multiple crises both domestically and internationally.


Liberty Church was born in New York City, with a heart for cities everywhere. We are a church planting church, and 2017 has been a tremendous year of expansion thanks to your constant generosity.


This is the first time in human history where more people live in cities than live outside them. The world is urbanizing and we believe that now, more than ever, the cities of the world need life-giving local churches that equip multitudes to Follow Jesus, Thrive In Community and Make A Difference.


Manzini, Swaziland

In May, we launched Liberty Church Manzini in the community center we’ve pioneered in heart of the largest city in Swaziland. Hundreds turned out for launch Sunday and since that day 93 people and counting have decided to make Jesus Christ their Lord & Savior there.


St. Pete, FL

In October, we added Liberty Church St. Pete to the family. A hurricane hit Florida the week we were due to launch, but it created an opportunity to be a church that serves, even before we were a church with services. So serve we did, with our school venue becoming home to over 2,500 evacuees. And then a few weeks later, we launched weekly services with a huge celebration and a beautiful, diverse Liberty community was born in the midst of the city.


San Francisco, CA

Chad & Emily Rodriguez have established a launch team, held monthly gatherings and family dinners with well over a 100 new individuals connecting with us from SF and the Bay Area as we prepare to launch weekly services in January. Our heart is to establish a faith community in the very midst of the diversity and even the tensions that make the city what it is.


Bay Ridge, NY

Heath & Emily Kirkendoll are writing the newest chapter of our story in New York City. A growing network of Community Groups across south Brooklyn paved the way for monthly gatherings that began this fall. We’ve been sharing meals, gathering as a church family, and showing up strong to serve the wider community together. The expectation is palpable as we get ready to launch weekly services this coming February.


Our ability to Make A Difference is grounded in the way we Follow Jesus and Thrive In Community. The strength of our church home is what enables us to plant churches, send missionaries and teams, invest generously, and equip the saints for the work of the ministry.


The Ownership Fund

We continue to save and invest for the day that opportunities present themselves to purchase property for our Liberty Church communities. Let’s think generationally as we build the church, and leave the generations not only a spiritual inheritance but also physical assets on which they can continue to build.


Outreach & Evangelism

2018 will also see us greatly expanding our Outreach & Evangelism at each local Liberty community. We want to get out in our neighborhoods like never before and meet needs, love people well, and see the gospel bring life and freedom to our cities.

This year’s Legacy Offering will help resource and mobilize each of our communities to serve their neighborhoods in new ways. We’re doubling down on community partnerships and joining arms with others to affect real change for the greater good. We’re ramping up our training, shifting the focus of our teams and even our staff, and creating more opportunities to not only preach good news on Sunday but also be good news on Monday for our neighborhoods.