Legacy Offering 2019

Every year throughout December we bring a special offering together for missions and church planting that we call the Legacy Offering and it’s one of the most significant opportunities we have as a church to make a difference together. Our goal this year is to raise $500,000 for missions and church planting. This is a special offering over and above our tithe which is used for the day to day operations of the church. Below you can watch videos or read more about our partnerships & projects we're supporting with this year's offering. Please take a moment to prayerfully consider your part to play.

Legacy Offering Videos



The heart of the Legacy Offering

Liberty Church was born in New York City with a heart for cities everywhere, anda vision to know Christ and make Him known. Our hope for every person who calls Liberty Church home is that they would Follow Jesus, Thrive In Community and, as a result, that they would Make A Difference. Every year throughout December we bring a special offering together for missions and church planting that we call the Legacy Offering and it’s one of the most significant opportunities we have as a church to make a difference, together.

In Acts 4:32-33 we see that the early church was marked by radical generosity and uncommon unity and the result was that “great grace was upon them all." That same grace caused them to carry the gospel to the nations. So let’s all commit to giving generously and believe for Great Grace to be upon us all.

Last year we funded the launch of a Community Centre in the slums of Kolkata, India with our long-time partner Binu Thampy. It’s been a huge success and provided crucial skills training to help many obtain jobs or start home businesses, and the centre is well on the way to being self funding. We want to help the Vision Rescue team launch a second community centre in 2020 to provide skills training that will help young people become employable, while creating jobs for beauticians and tailors, as well as producing quality textiles for sale that help sustain the centre long term.

In Mexico we have committed to helping over 120 churches through a 3-year program called Haciendo Iglesia, designed for churches that feel stuck or need help revitalizing their sense of vision and mission. Our Lead Pastor Paul Andrew will be hosting round tables for lead pastors in four major cities including Mexico City and Guadalajara.The program has seen hundreds of churches more than double in size as they learn and grow together, and still has 2000 churches on the waiting list to participate.

We have been partnering with ICF Cambodia for several years and now have Liberty missionaries on the ground at their campus in Siem Reap. Our team has seen first hand the holistic impact they are having on children and their families who are experiencing extreme hardship. For just over $3,000 per truck a year we can sponsor vehicles in the fleet they rent which enables over a thousand children each month to access the incredible programs provided at the campus.

A few years ago we supported the launch of Generations Church in Karachi, Pakistan and are now pleased to announce that we are partnering with them to launch ARC Pakistan. The ARC, or Association of Related Churches, has helped launch over 800 churches including Liberty Church. They’re now establishing a chapter led by indigenous Pakistani leaders who have already registered over 300 people for their first church planting conference next month.

We believe that every person in Liberty Church is called to be an everyday missionary to their world, but we also recognize that God calls some individuals to serve as full-time missionaries in another city or culture. From Mumbai to Manzini, and Paris to Siem Reap we are supporting people from our Liberty communities who have answered a calling to serve the poor, refugees, children with disabilities, and the victims of human trafficking. We are proud to support them in their incredible work.

Every year we set aside funds to enable us to respond with generosity when crises occur around the world. This year those crises included a hurricane in the Bahamas, church bombings in Sri Lanka and cyclone in Zimbabwe. Strategic partnerships with organizations like Convoy of Hope allow us to respond quickly and effectively when disasters occur.

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We are passionate about church planting and in the last nine years we have not only launched nine Liberty Church communities with the help of partners like ARC and City To City, but we have sent out planters who’ve started 12 brand new churches.We have also given smaller financial grants to around one hundred church planters both locally and globally.

Earlier this year we announced that Mark & Trish Schrader would be moving to Los Angeles to begin the groundwork in 2020 for Liberty Church LA. They have had seven years on the team in New York and a front row seat to several church plants including Liberty San Francisco.

In Zurich, Switzerland we are supporting Tom & Katie Lancaster as they believeto launch a new church called KinHouse in the city.

Our Downtown Brooklyn community is preparing to extend the house into the Williamsburg neighborhood. If Brooklyn was a city on its own, it would be the fourth largest city in America, so we are excited about the possibilities as we prepare to pioneer what would be our third Brooklyn community, along with Bay Ridge.

Meanwhile in Manhattan, Pete & Sierra Vasquez are believing to establish a Liberty community where they live in Washington Heights. It is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood in upper Manhattan and we are beginning to lay the foundations fora new faith community there in the not too distant future.

In London our newest Liberty Church community launched just months ago and we are continuing to invest in its growth and development. We are praying 2020 willsee Liberty London expand its footprint, reach more people than ever before,and become sustainable locally in every way.

2030 & BEYOND
Liberty Church began with what we called our 2020 Vision, to impact 10 communities in 10 years by the year 2020. By the grace of God we have seen that goal accomplished, though it seemed almost impossible in those early days. This coming year we are investing in the development of a strategic plan towards 2030 and beyond to ensure the long-term health and strength of our church.

We are a church planting church and now, more than ever, we are seeing God entrust us with people who have a dream in their heart to plant a church. Our church planting residencies provide an opportunity to experience two to three years of practical ministry experience on the Liberty team. Through that time they lead significant ministries within the church, have opportunities to explore their calling, and develop in their gifts and talents.

In Manzini opportunities are emerging for us to purchase land and build permanent facilities for our community center and Liberty Church Manzini. The community center was used by over 40 organizations this year to provide help and services tothe local community. Ownership will remove the burden of rent from ourmonthly expenses there and rapidly accelerate our progress towards being fullyself-sustaining financially.

There is only so much that any one church can do on their own. As a team we have been dreaming about what it would look like if we helped start a series of local networks in urban centers where like-minded pastors from different churches, including Liberty Church, could collaborate together to plant more churches in their city. Through relationship, partnership and sharing resources we believe we could do exponentially more together than any of our churches could do alone.

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