Legacy Team

It’s never been more possible than it is today to have a global impact as a local

church. Liberty Church was born in New York City with a heart for cities everywhere. And thanks to the generosity of our Legacy Team we’re increasingly able to fulfil our mission, not only to Follow Jesus and Thrive In Community, but also to Make A Difference. Ever since the birth of the church in the book of Acts generous believers have answered the call to meet local needs and to extend the Kingdom by being “partners in the gospel” (Phil1:5).

The Legacy Team is a group of people with the gift of giving (Rom12:8) or a passion for generosity (1Tim6:17-18) who are investing in the Kingdom over and above their tithe. We’ve gathered this team from all our Liberty communities and they receive regular insights into the vision of the church as well as specific opportunities to advance it in tangible ways.

We’ve organized the Legacy Team into six areas of focus, or Legacy Lanes: Global Missions, Outreach & Evangelism, Generations, Church Planting, Core Projects, and Ownership. Each of these Legacy Lanes has projects that will happen when a project’s funding goal is met, and Legacy Team members will receive regular updates on funding status of current projects, the results of past projects and new projects to consider.

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