Upper West Side Community Groups

‘What’s your number’: Let’s talk Enneagram!
Led by Caroline Trageser and Stephanie Shelow
Tuesdays, 7:00PM, Harlem and Online
Open to All 


We, like a lot of people now, are geeking out on the Enneagram! It’s the #1 most helpful personality tool that we’ve found out there and we love talking/learning about it. We’re no experts but rather self-taught, podcast obsessed, Enneagram book nerds who want to continue the conversation. Join us as we take a dive into this current craze to learn more about how God specifically created YOU! We also welcome travelers to join us via online. 
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Honoring God’s Temple: Your Body
Led by Maxwell Porterfield and Joy Attmore
Mondays, 8:00PM, Online
Open to All 


This is a virtual community group focused on making intentional changes in our health so that we can live a better life and honor God’s creation. With an emphasis on food choices, the topics will cover health of the mind, body, and soul. We will support each other in our personal journeys and take guidance from the book Healthy and Free by Beni Johnson. 

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The Company – Men’s Breakfast
Led by Danny Best and Reed Dodenhoff
Fridays, 7:30AM, Upper West Side
Men Only – The Company

Join a group of guys on Friday mornings that is going to be spending time hashing out what it means to live a life of putting on the character of Christ. We will be diving into James Bryan Smith’s book “Good and Beautiful Life” as we hash out how to thrive as men living in NYC as we follow Jesus.
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The Fear Factor
Led by Jacob & Vanessa Robert
Tuesdays, 7:00PM, The Bronx
Open to All 


The Fear Factor is a group that will clarify the difference between Godly reverent fear and natural “fear of”. Combining Scripture, discussion, and Fear Factor challenges, we look forward to providing practical tools to navigate this journey as followers of the Christ. 
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Led by Yolette Josey
Mondays, 6:00PM, Midtown
Open to All

A time of worship where you can pray, worship, write in your journal, and seek the Lord without the noise of the city. There will be a live acoustic set and possibly a speaker that will encourage for 10-15 minutes max and we will pray together at the beginning and end. This is a good group that can assist with your quiet time and give you the space to find peace and listen to God’s voice. 
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Taking Troubles to God’s Word
Led by Stephanie Deltor
Tuesdays, 7:00PM, Harlem
Open to All 


Is it okay to simply pray about your issues and pretend like you’re always okay? This stress management group will help you learn how to better manage every day problems with an every day God in an open space where you are encouraged, validated and supported by others in the midst of your circumstances.  We will use scripture, journaling, praying, and group discussions to breakdown conflicts in our lives and see “where God is” in the situation.
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Living Your Best Life (Together)
Led by Davis & Chelsea Stanley
Mondays, 7:00PM, Long Island City
Couples Only 


The start of 2019 is the perfect time to reset, go deeper, and grow in relationship with God and your partner. Join us as we read Ruth Haley Barton’s book, “Sacred Rhythms,” to explore how spiritual disciplines bring about a present, balanced, and grateful life. All couples are welcome from dating, engaged, and married. Let’s live our best lives…together!
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Christ Centered Creatives
Led by Tempestt Perrin and Lauren Boyd
Tuesdays, 10:00AM, Upper West Side
Open to All


A fellowship group for performing artists: writers, directors, theatre, dancers, etc. We are to be using a 365-day devotional called TGIF by Os Hillman as we learn and grow together.
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College Dinner Party
Led by JR & Tess Carmichael
Wednesdays, 7:30PM, Downtown Brooklyn
Open to All


This group is for any and all of the college students at Liberty Church. We realize that being in college in a city like New York can be overwhelming but we believe that every person including our college students should be thriving in community and we want to create a space for you to build relationships and build your faith!
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Abortion & Miscarriage Recovery Group
Led by Ashley Abercrombie
Thursdays, 7:00PM, Financial District
Women Only – Sisterhood


The Guttmacher Institute estimates that one in every four women have had an abortion by the time they reach the age of 45, and close to 20% of women have experienced a miscarriage. We want to offer support and an opportunity to experience healing, without judgment, because your story and experience matters. Over 12 weeks, we’ll walk through the character of God, anger and depression, freedom and forgiveness, sexual integrity and acceptance, with a special closure service on the final week. There is a small fee of $35 to participate in this group, and weekly attendance is required to keep the group a safe space for others.
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