Liberty City

Liberty City was born out of the global vision of Paul and Andi Andrew. With decades of international non-profit experience, that spans the community, government, and faith-based sectors, the Andrews created Liberty City, with a desire to work within the city, for the greater good, through tangible acts of service. Liberty City is the non-religious, non-profit, sister organization of Liberty Church, formed by the same founders, as different entities with different missions. We are committed to serving the diverse communities we’re part of, regardless of race, religion, orientation, or gender.


Liberty City’s vision is to partner across multiple sectors to affect change for the greater good. As we focus on our shared dreams and desires for our communities, and come together collectively, offering our various skills, resources, and wisdom, neighborhoods and individuals are strengthened. We believe we are positioned to bring people and institutions together to make a difference. Liberty City primarily exists in New York, in 2017, we are scaling our efforts to St. Petersburg, Florida and San Francisco, California. We also operate a Community Center in Manzini, Swaziland, serving over 500 children, and their families on a weekly basis with computer programming, sewing, dance and music classes, and offering our space for free to the city government and community leaders. As we continue to serve urban communities, we have chosen to focus on these critical issues.


  • Mass Incarceration
  • Education
  • Anti-Human Trafficking
  • Youth
  • Civic Engagement

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For more information on Liberty City, visit, or visit with a Liberty City member in the Lounge after a Sunday service.