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Legacy Offering 2021

Your generosity to the Legacy Offering supports missionaries and missions partners in Asia, Europe, Africa, and Mexico, among others. Watch the video below to learn more about Stephanie Shelow, a missionary currently working alongside ICF Cambodia, and see the difference your generosity is making in developing leaders in Siem Reap.

Give to Global Missions

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. Matthew 28:19-20

When you give to the Legacy Offering, you equip Stephanie and other missionaries and mission organizations to continue to meet practical needs and share the gospel around the world. Many of the missionaries we support, like Stephanie, attended Liberty Church in New York when they began to feel God stir their hearts to serve in other parts of the world. Through your generosity to the Legacy Offering, we can continue to support mission partner organizations like ICF Cambodia who are meeting practical community needs including feeding families, teaching job skills, and developing young leaders.

At Liberty Church, more than 20% of our annual tithes and offerings are given to missionaries and mission partners every year (download the Annual Report). Your generosity to the Legacy Offering, which is above and beyond the tithe, equips missions to continue to serve the needs of local communities around the world.

In addition to supporting missionaries like Stephanie and the work of ICF Cambodia, your generosity to the Legacy Offering makes continued support possible for our missions partners around the world.


In Mexico we have begun helping over 120 churches through a 3-year program called Haciendo Iglesia, designed for churches that feel stuck or need help revitalizing their sense of vision and mission. Paul Andrew is hosting round tables for lead pastors in four major cities including Mexico City and Guadalajara. The program has seen hundreds of churches more than double in size as they learn and grow together, and still has more than 2000 churches on the waiting list to participate.


Our long-term partnership with Binu Thampy in Kolkata, India has yielded incredible fruit including dozens of church plants across the region and neighboring countries, and more recently the launch of Community Centers in the slums of their city. These centers provide skills training that will help young people become employable, while creating jobs for beauticians and tailors, as well as producing quality textiles for sale that help sustain the centre long term. Your support has also enabled them to provide essential food and supplies to hundreds of at-risk families.


We have been partnering with ICF Cambodia for several years and also have Liberty missionaries on the ground at their campus in Siem Reap. The last two years have caused extreme hardship for many children and their families and has only made the incredible work of ND Strupler and the ICF team all the more important as they look toward rebuilding their community and their nation.


Through your giving to the Legacy Offering we saw the Generation Worship Center launch in Karachi, Pakistan several years ago but that was just the beginning. Since that time they have planted new churches across the nation, launched ARC Conference Pakistan with 1,000 pastors and leaders in attendance, and mobilized an enormous relief effort during the Covid-19 crisis.


Each year we saw more people from our church answer the calling to serve as full-time missionaries in another city or culture. Across Asia, Africa and Europe we are financially supporting people from our Liberty communities who are serving the poor, refugees, children with disabilities, and the victims of human trafficking. We are proud to support them in their incredible work.

Crisis Response Fund

Every year we set aside funds to enable us to respond with generosity when crises occur around the world. Strategic partnerships with organizations like Convoy of Hope allow us to respond quickly and effectively when disasters occur.


To give to the Legacy Offering, go to our online giving page, choose your community, and select "Legacy Offering" from the dropdown menu. If you are not currently part of a Liberty Church community you can also choose the "Give as a Guest" option.

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