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Whether it’s for the marketplace or ministry, the Liberty School of Leadership is dedicated to helping you fulfill your God-given potential to impact others for good. The Liberty School of Leadership will offer 6 unique programs. Find out more about each of the programs below.

Applications For Equip’s Spring Semester Are Now Open.

Please fill out an interest form by clicking the button below. After you fill out the form our team will be in touch with next steps. Please note that the Liberty School of Leadership has several programs, but not all programs are currently available in all cities. (The only programs currently available outside of NYC are Equip, Multiply & Internships.)

Program Overview


  • Learn the foundations of effectively leading yourself and others.
  • 24 weeks, in its ninth season


  • In depth, practical and biblical. A deep dive on leadership for both marketplace and ministry settings.
  • 32 weeks, debut season


  • (Coming Fall 2020 – 2nd year program)


  • A unique training program that prepares church planters and their teams to launch new faith communities
  • 28 weeks, in its third season


  • Custom designed, next-level serving opportunities for those who want to make a significant ministry impact
  • 6-12 month commitments starting at 3 hours per week, typically midweek


  • Our residential learning program for urban church planters less than three years from launch.
  • 1-2 year program, part time or full time, stipends may apply

Frequently Asked Questions

What program should I apply for?

This depends on you! EQUIP is the primary entry point and is designed for people who are part of Liberty, serve on a team and want to develop their own leadership capabilities. The Certificate of Leadership is a more intensive program aimed at people who are Coordinators, Coaches or Captains on a Liberty team or who lead a Community Group. Multiply is designed specifically for people who want to be part of a church planting team either as the planter or as a launch team member. Internships are available for anyone who is part of Liberty. Ministry Residencies are designed for people who are committed to making full-time ministry their vocation and the residency gives them practical experience.

What will I get out of each program?

Each program is designed to equip you to be a stronger and more effective leader in the marketplace and/or in a ministry. EQUIP will help you develop skills to improve your ability to lead yourself and others. The Certificate of Leadership will dive more deeply into both personal leadership as well as leading teams effectively. Multiply will be a critical part of the preparation to become a church planter or a launch team member.

What are the dates of each program?

EQUIP, the Certificate Program and Multiply all begin the week of September 4, 2019. Each program differs in length and some weeks will be off weeks due to holidays. In general, EQUIP will run into March 2020, the Certificate of Leadership until May and Multiply until April. We are also considering a January 2020 start for EQUIP only that would run through June 2020.

Can I be in two programs at the same time?

Not at this time.

Where will the classes be held and what time/date?

EQUIP in New York City will be held on Tuesday evenings. EQUIP will launch in St. Pete and Manzini in January 2020. The Certificate of Leadership classes will be held in New York City on Tuesday evenings. Multiply will be held one a month on Wednesday evenings in New York City with the opportunity to do video conference in for those outside of New York City.

Is there homework and if so how much?

The Certificate of Leadership and Multiply have homework as part of the curriculum and it is normally three to six hours per week.

Is there a service requirement as part of the Liberty School of Leadership?

Yes. Each program has a required service component that can be fulfilled by serving or leading teams, leading community groups and serving for outreaches or events.

Are all programs available in all cities where Liberty church has a community?

Multiply and Internships are available in all cities. EQUIP is available in NYC, St Pete and Manzini at this time. The Certificate of Leadership and Ministry Residencies are only available in NYC at this time.

Are there prerequisites to be accepted into a program in the Liberty School of Leadership?

While the ideal path is to move from EQUIP to the Certificate of Leadership to Multiply, it is not a requirement. However, you do need to serve on a team to be accepted into EQUIP, and you need to be a Coordinator, Coach, Captain or Community Group leader to be accepted into the Certificate Program. For Multiply, you would want to feel called to plant a church or be part of a launch team and be serving in a Liberty Community.

Do I need to be on a team to be accepted into a program in the Liberty School of Leadership?

Yes, all programs require serving or leading a team in some capacity.

Do I need to attend Liberty Church to be accepted into a program in the Liberty School of Leadership?


Why do some programs have a fee or tuition?

EQUIP and the Certificate of Leadership carry a tuition fee to offset real costs of providing these programs.

Are there payment plans for programs that have tuition?

Yes. Tuition for EQUIP is $350 if you pay at one time or $60 per month for 7 months. Tuition for the Certificate of Leadership is $600 per semester if you pay at one time or $175 per month for 4 months each semester.

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