Community Groups

At Liberty Church, we do life and grow in our faith together.

We are excited to announce the upcoming season of Liberty Community Groups!


Whether it’s summer in the U.S. or winter in Manzini, on June 3rd we are beginning a 9-week season as a church family to understand and experience the Gospel. Our community groups are reading the Gospel-Centered Life, exploring topics such as identity, sin, forgiveness, and relationships. As leaders, you are invited to go deeper in your walk with Jesus and your mission to disciple others.


This season groups that you lead will take two forms:
Gospel-Centered Life (GCL) Book Study
Social Dinner Parties


Although the two group types are set, you have plenty of room to choose your audience, environment and atmosphere that only you can create!


Those who choose the GCL study format can purchase the book with leader’s guide from Liberty at a discounted price ($9). The book may be read and discussed during the group itself, which minimizes pre-work for leaders and participants alike.


Choosing to lead a social dinner party provides a sense of home for those looking for family. There is always room at God’s table for one more. As much as possible, we will keep these groups open all season for visitors. Multiple leaders can band together to host – in apartments, on rooftops, at picnics in the park or restaurants. Get creative – it’s about making a sense of home wherever you are.


For more details, check this pdf for frequently asked questions. To apply to lead, visit your community’s page.

If you have any questions, would like to lead a Community Group or join one please contact